Oct 12, 2015

wfi file transfer

This is the easy way to transfer files between the mobile phone and PC ... to do this you must install the App in the phone and then access the folders with the browser pc.

233MW010 - Silviu

Oct 7, 2015

148 USA in qso 233YO050


Oct 1, 2015



Azi la ora 16:30 colegul nostru din Germania 13/233YO099/Mobil ne-a dat un S7/FM.

Sep 30, 2015

Linux for you !


There are not many things for free in this world :-) but Linux is one of the best gift for humanity !

This spin of Debian is for me the best I have found, and I'm searching for a long time believe me. It's running well even on very old PC P4 - 1.5GHz/512Mb RAM/ 20GB HDD, and seems to be very stable and fast enough for day by day office work.

Maxon, 2m

Sep 29, 2015



Sep 25, 2015


Sep 24, 2015


Sep 22, 2015

Sep 19, 2015

Sep 17, 2015


Mare atentie la alimetarea statiilor cu putere reglabila ... au nevoie de tensiune normala si curent suficient, altfel nu merg si se strica modulatia.

Sep 15, 2015

Au înflorit din nou

Au venit citeva ploi si natura a inverzit din nou, mai mult, unlele plante chiar au inflorit din nou :-)

PS. Photo : Inn Joo mobile 13MP

Sep 9, 2015

New interface on this blog

I make a change on the interface for this blog and now is adapted for all mobile devices connected to internet.
Enjoy ! 73's

De vinzare Panasonic cf-29

Colegul nostru Ionut din Bucuresti ofera la vinzare :

Laptop specificatii militare full MIL-STD810 C,D,E,F,G
model: CF-29L3Q71BE
CF-29 MK4
CPU: Pentium M Centrino 1.6Ghz
Memorie RAM: 1.5Gb
HDD: 80Gb
Ecran: 13.3" LCD
Timp De Utilizare total : 4900h
Touchscreen: NU (controler instalat si functional)
Acumulator: autonomie aproximativ 4h
Modem GPRS: util pentru trimitere si receptie SMS, viteza date foarte mica(modem de prima generatie)
WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n max 300Mb/s
Bluetooth: DA
SD CARD Reader: DA

Sep 7, 2015

In ultima vreme propagarea la DX este zero, cauza cred ca e activitatea solara  foarte scazuta.

Sep 6, 2015

InnJoo phone 3G HD

:-) TNX ! It's working perfect ! Never had one (smartphone) till today ... and must say it's nice, has a good  and  powerful processor (octal core), elegant design, 5inch is enough for a portable device I think.
I never use an Android system before, but  only after a few hours I  like it very much, for me it's so easy  to use :-) and I'm not a young men now...have only some problems with the MT65XX Android Phone driver for WinXP :-) this give me such an headache, and I don't solve the problem. That it's ! Cheers and beers ! 73's!

Sep 1, 2015

Home made 7elements beam by 19VOG141 - Wim

I get this photos form 19VOG141 - Mr. Wim, and the description of his antenna is like this:

Hallo Silviu start cb again this is my new antenne home made 7 elments v beam 16.52 meter long pointed to east make from the same antenne 3 elments to west hy hef tow first directors. 1 of him hy make Reflector and yous for north an shout the dipool as iverterd v.    3 antennes on 1. 7 elm to east 3 elm to west + iverterd v dipool
hope to are you again my new call is 19VOG141 on fm radio romantica copy many stations from Romenia 27225mhz ant work from 26MHZ to 28.500 reflector Calculeted reflector 26.2mhz have wave +3%. Director 1 28.5mhz havve wave -8% next directors -1.5% radiator -7cm for 28.5 for good swr.
good luck Wim "

Thank you Mr. Wim for this interesting information ... 73's !