Jun 29, 2016

60ch/5kHz step on Avanti Grande v3

If you want and like DX-ing , then you need for SSB a precise frequency and a RIT/Clarifier. The old CB channel mode is not good at all for ssb DX because many people are using transceivers radios with VFO not PLL ... so that they can use zero frequencies like 27.540, 27.570 etc. and you can't do this, or you loose your RIT button. The only solution to this problem is to rewrite the frequency table in the memory, and this can be done with a PC and the correct version of software. For example my radio has PCB v3 but for soft it use v1, with v5 soft you can only read not write the desired frequency. With the help of my friend YO2MON we did the job, anyway I keep it the old CEPT band (band D) in the old fashion channel mode 40ch for compatibility with "barachinno" radios :-) , but in A,B,C,E and F I have 60ch, so now I can do form 26.5MHz up to 28.0MHz in 5KHz step whit RIT to help RX in 100Hz/10Hz. :-) That's more likely !